Co-working is the way forward: There’s no need to be a nomad

The life of freelancer is often romanticised as that of an intrepid adventurer, gliding through their work life without a care in the world. This idea has, in modern times been further embellished by the notion of being a “digital nomad”, hopping from place to place with no roots to put down.

Why though do we have this new moniker attached to us? Just because we work for different clients, it doesn’t mean that we don’t need a base of some description to peddle our wares? The advent of freelance co-working spaces like The Transition is no coincidence. Many of our resident freelancers have commented that they never thought about using a bespoke space, let alone the notion of interacting with others. Because we’re supposed to be nomads, right? The expectation that the word “freelancer” puts on us implies singular and solitary.

Co-working works!

The co-working model at The Transition is a simple idea – rather than suffer an existence of just you and your screen, we offer you a space and atmosphere that is geared towards getting your head into the right space.  We’ve all been in the situation where we have had to decamp from our homes in search of a more focussed environment – that or we just can’t stare at the washing up any longer. I digress.

Take a walk around the various coffee shops in Chelmsford and you will see a familiar pattern emerging. There will be a great many freelancers nursing a tepid cup of coffee, having to endure the latest gossip swilling around them, the odd screaming child thrown in and a desk the size of a postage stamp. If you are lucky enough to find power point, you guard it with your life. The most importantly element that is missing however, is like minded individuals with the same goals and drive as you.  This is where The Transition shines.

 I like my nomadic existence!

That you may but consider the following. Ask any actor if they create better work on their lonesome and their response will be the same :

“I need to get in that rehearsal room to interact. I need another point of view”

Go to any school and you will find children of all ages working corporately in groups of all sizes. Most of us are from a generation where collaboration and interaction are encouraged, to prepare us to work with a number of different people with a multitude of different views. Why then do freelancers end up in the equivalent of solitary confinement, in spaces that are not geared towards inspiration and productivity? Freelancers, in general, are creative’s. Even if you aren’t into graphic design or content you can still benefit from a co-working space.

Essentially,  you need a neutral space. A space that will allow you to think, rather than longingly staring at the fridge as you fight procrastination off with a big stick. Some would argue that coming to The Transition is merely a substitute for going to an office, as if you were wedded once again to a corporate space that you wanted to avoid, hence, why you became a freelancer. We believe in co-working because we know it works .

It works for the simple fact that being situated with your peers, as they feverishly engage with the task at hand, will subconsciously push you to get what you need to get done – done. Distraction is the freelancers bane and let’s be honest it doesn’t take much for our minds to wander. Our space is quiet without being silent, a gentle hubbub of keystrokes and whizzing brains.

There is another element to the co-working model. You may be in a situation where your client is after a little bit extra. This happened to me once – I had a client in New York who wanted a redesign of his promotional materials. I could do the content, except for the graphic design element. How I wish I could have had a graphic designer sitting ten foot from me so I could throw them some work and possibly a new long term client. We all have our specialism – wouldn’t it be better for us if we could cross pollinate, offer help where it was asked for and all benefit in the process?

What other space in Chelmsford can you feel like you belong to? Where else can you take advantage of the co-working approach? The Transition is waiting for you.