Beci Callow Clay Club at the Transition Chelmsford

 In this 2.5 hour clay workshop we will explore the wonders of coloured slip decoration. No previous experience required however this is a great workshop for people who have been to previous CLAY CLUBS and are looking to explore decoration further. The ticket price includes all firing costs as well as a glass of fizz (both alcoholic and non alcoholic available) however feel free to bring your own refreshments if you prefer.

We will use slab building techniques to create either a series of tiles/coasters or hanging decorations. You will be shown several different ways to decorate your ceramics using traditional techniques such as sgraffito and slip trailing as well as simple Nerikomi (marbled clay) in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and guided through the possibilities that are available to you. Beci will provide inspiration as well as instructions. You will then create gorgeous test tiles that you will be able to use in your home as coasters, hanging decorations or to keep in your tool kit to guide your decoration in future.

The process will be as follows:

Step 1

There will be a short demo to show you the basic technique of slab rolling followed by a variety of decorating demos.

Step 2

You will be given several different types of clay that you can divide up/ shape as you wish. You will be free to explore the different decorating techniques that have been shown to you in whatever way you would like !! The most important thing is to experiment and have fun!

Step 3

DECORATION There will be a selection of coloured slips (coloured liquid clay) that you will be able to use to decorate your creations. Don't worry if your struggling for ideas there will be lots of inspiration and tools on hand to help you. The great thing about slips is that you can decorate your pot before it goes into the kiln (this means the whole piece will be created in one session)

Step 5

I will then glaze the piece for you from my workshop in Wakering, this will give your makes a lovely shiny finish and means that you will be able to use it to hold water or food. Your pieces will then be delivered to you either by hand or if you live outside of Southend you will be able to pick them up, or have them delivered by post (a small fee will be applicable if you would like your piece to be posted)

The session is designed to be relaxed and fun and you will enjoy getting your hands dirty whilst creating unique pieces for your home. No previous experience is required and the group sizes will be small (just 8-10 people) which means that you'll get plenty of help if you need/want it.

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