Seize the opportunity to ground yourself and go within. Full Moons act as a marker in this hectic world; allowing us to stop the hustle for a moment, take a breath and focus and adjust our perspectives, intentions and actions. 

Full Moon and New Moons have powerful effects on the tides and also on the ‘tides’ of fluids in our bodies, including our blood serum, lymphatic fluids, cerebrospinal fluids (brain & spinal column) and the cytoplasm of every cell within our being. Doors will open at 7.00 pm to settle into the space and tune into your own intention for your session. Feel free to message for more information or go here: http://www.rogergong.com/classes

The venue is modern and spacious. It's a stone floor so please bring blankets, bolsters, pillows etc. Err on extra comfort. Blankets to lie on as well as under. Foam or even blow-up mattress are a great addition for maximum coziness. 

Suggested Donation is £16 early-bird. This will go to £20 once the early-bird allocation is full. There will be a grounding snack and Roger's world-famous ginger tea provided.

You can secure your place here: http://www.rogergong.com/classes

Prepayment essential.