A special evening with our Crystal Healing Bowls. Come along to see why so many people love them!🙂

Allow yourself to be whisked away on a beautiful wave of gentle, healing sound. People report experiencing some amazing things whilst closing their eyes and listening to these quartz crystal bowls sing. 

Todays busy environment can make us feel stressed, anxious and even ill, but the Crystal Singing Bowls have a unique way of calming and healing the body therefore neutralising stress and even illness.

A relaxed Body/System is the only way for healing to take place in the body. A tense Body/System either prevents natural healing from taking place. 

About Crystal Healing Bowls
Sound and Crystals have been used for thousands of years in healing. Quartz is used in nearly all technology today due to its ability to hold memory and create natural energy.

Made from 99.99% Quartz Crystal, these singing bowls offer both benefits for health and relaxation, they have a magical way of helping a person to feel really calm. This is done through the resonant sounds the bowls make and this sound travels gently through the body easily. 

Friday 7:30-8:30pm
Your contribution is only £10

Booking is essential so please contact Colin on: 07737761201

Although we do have a few spare ones, Please make bring a yoga mat to lay on and a blanket. Although the venue is nice and warm, it is a hard floor and you will be to be comfortable. Besides the fact that we can still lose heat when we are relaxed. You can bring pillows or anything else that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Then just lay back and enjoy!

We look forward to seeing you here 🙂