We will learn how to use spoken vowels and consonants to translate them to drum sounds.

In the same way we will show you the various ways of hitting the drums to make the different sounds to understand 'Beats' and create 'Grooves'.

This Workshop & Drum Circle is great for beginners and a good reminder for drummers and percussionists, lovers and professionals.

For the workshop program we'll start for about 10 minutes or so with trust exercises to relax and have a laugh. Continuing into the technical part of how to hit the Congas, Bongos, Djembe and other percussions ...with a grand finale of energetic Drumming Circle.

You will be ready to start the new week ''Avec Brio'' as the French say for i.e. Boundless enthusiasm.

For beginners we will give you few music sheets with written rhythm exercises to take home with you.

Please bring your own hand-drum or percussion instruments if you haven't got one phone or message to this number 07528 541514 and we will arrange one for you.

The cost for the 2hrs event is £10.

We gather to have fun, be creative, play and allow the music to clear tension, anxiety and any worries we are carrying. Drumming brings you into the present moment where magic can happen. Lots of research now shows the health benefits of drumming and drumming in a group can be more powerful than on your own. I invite you to come along and give it a try.

The Beat keep you alive.

Be the rhythm with you.