Many freelancers work in inhospitable spaces that are bad for focus, productivity. These spaces, ultimately, offer little advantage when you're branching out. Working at home becomes an exercise in procrastination limitation. 

When I put The Transition together I had one overarching purpose - create a space for people to work that's flexible, affordable and geared towards co-working. A space that allows you interact with other professionals, developing relationships in a networking friendly environment. 

We think we have the balance right.  Surround yourself with like minded professionals, in a space that is totally unique, in the heart of Chelmsford. 

In the evenings, The Transition is positioning itself as the go to venue for workshops, meeting groups and other ventures where you need an appropriate space.

The Transition is open to all and ready to change the way that you work and socialise. Too often, a space is designated to have one function only. We are the embodiment of change from the traditional model, where we have created a bespoke co-working space.

We offer a membership model for unlimited access and a day desk hire service if your just want to experience the space first or are finding you feet. We aren't adverse to you just coming in for a chat, please feel welcome.

During the working day, The Transition offers freelancers and small startups the opportunity to establish themselves in a productive space with all the essentials on hand. In essence, you get to work in a professional environment, free to interact with other professionals who share a similar attitude to their work.